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Foreign Currency Exchange Rates as at: 22 March 2019 2:29 PM
Currency Rates Currency Rates
Euro 1.1308 Buy Now US Dollar 1.2788 Buy Now
Australian Dollar 1.8105 Buy Now Canadian Dollar 1.7355 Buy Now
Swiss Franc 1.2889 Buy Now Japanese Yen 142.6650 Buy Now
New Zealand Dollar 1.8756 Buy Now South African Rand 18.4531 Buy Now
Bulgarian Leva 2.1594 Buy Now Bahama Dollar 1.1982 Buy Now
Bahrain Dinar 0.4740 Buy Now Bermuda Dollar 1.2693 Buy Now
Barbados Dollar 2.4775 Buy Now Brazil Real 4.6669 Buy Now
Cayman Island Dollar 1.0103 Buy Now Chinese Yuan 8.4047 Buy Now
Czech Koruna 28.1512 Buy Now Chile Peso 815.9276 Buy Now
Danish Kroner 8.4963 Buy Now Dominican Peso 62.1140 Buy Now
East Caribbean Dollar 3.3064 Buy Now Egyptian Pound 19.5186 Buy Now
Fiji Dollar 2.5731 Buy Now Hong Kong Dollar 10.1142 Buy Now
Croatia Kuna 8.3457 Buy Now Hungarian Forint 354.6221 Buy Now
Israeli Shekel 4.4449 Buy Now Jamaican Dollar 153.1620 Buy Now
Kenya Shilling 126.4218 Buy Now South Korea Won 1397.5351 Buy Now
Kuwait Dinar 0.3938 Buy Now Mexican Peso 23.4288 Buy Now
Malaysian Ringgit 5.0703 Buy Now Mauritian Rupee 42.4130 Buy Now
Norwegian Krone 10.8745 Buy Now Oman Rial 0.4816 Buy Now
Philippino Peso 57.7174 Buy Now Polish Zloty 4.8285 Buy Now
Russian Rubles 79.5364 Buy Now Saudi Riyal 4.7058 Buy Now
Singapore Dollar 1.7362 Buy Now Swedish Kroner 11.8585 Buy Now
Thai Baht 39.8751 Buy Now Taiwan Yuan 37.9664 Buy Now
Trindad & Tobago Dollar 8.3242 Buy Now United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.7394 Buy Now
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